Kennedy - Project # 6

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About the Project # 6 - Kennedy

The District received a petition from the City of Kennedy for a flood control project because the waterway that runs through the city did not have enough capacity to handle the water that is directed to it from upstream areas.  Therefore, the waterway overflows its banks and inundates areas within the city.  This project was designed to provide flood control for the city by enlarging the channel and providing an adequate outlet for the water that enters the city.  The 1.5 mile long project consisted of channel excavation and repair of eroded side slopes, and connects the upstream Kittson County Ditch #4 to the downstream Kittson County Ditch #27.  It was completed and established in 2009.

  • Project Balance: $5,660

  • 2024 Levy: $5,000

  • Surveyed: 2023 needs to be finished in 2024

  • Beavers Removed in 2023, another dam to be removed in 2024

  • Erosion at outlet of Kenndy #6: 2024

  • Brush mowed: 2023

  • Ditch Lien: $6,250 per year through 2030