Kittson County Ditch #7

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About Kittson County Ditch #7

Miles: 6.5

Township(s)/County: Svea and Kittson

Ditch Balance:$32,294

2024 Levy: $5,000

Recent Maintenance: Surveyed (2021), Slough repaired (2021), Future possible maintenance: cattail spraying and beaver removal


A 6.5 mile long drainage ditch built in the early 1900’s,  The ditch begins at the Burlington Northern railroad tracks just northwest of the City of Donaldson and flows straight west to outlet into Judicial Ditch #10, which in turn outlets into a natural coulee, which outlets into the Red River of the North.


This system is inspected annually and maintenance activities are undertaken if deemed necessary. These activities range from beaver dam removal and beaver trapping to spraying of cattail and other nuisance vegetation to removal of silt and sediment to repair of sloughed side slopes or eroded culverts. Detailed maintenance reports are kept and filed each year in the ditch file. The District as the ditch authority for these ditches is also responsible for maintaining a ditch fund to pay for maintenance expenses. Each year the District assesses the needs of each ditch and a tax is levied against the "benefited area" of each ditch, if necessary and if the funding is needed. Each year the District certifies this levy to the County Auditor of the County where the ditch is located.


2023 Improvement Proceedings


Preliminary Engineers Report


BWSR Advisory Report


MnDNR Advisory Report