Advisory Committees

The District Technical and Citizen's Advisory Committees are made up of concerned citizens, appointed officials, and representatives of governmental agencies that in some way work with or affect the water resources of the District. These committees meet at least once per year to provide input and guidance to the Board of Managers regarding District programs and activities. The Advisory Committee members for the year 2012 are listed below.

Citizens Advisory Committee




Keith Cummins

Deerwood Twp

Rural Citizen

Luke Novacek

Polonia Twp

Polonia Township

Don Craigmile

Thompson Twp

Rural Citizen

Virgil Gryskiewicz

Polonia Twp

Rural Citizen

Vern Langaas

Dewey Twp

Rural Citizen

Leon Olson

Caribou Twp

Kittson Co. Commission

Daryl Wicklund

Moose Twp

Roseau Co. Commission

Earl Mattson


Mayor - City of Kennedy

Dave Treumer


Mayor - City of Hallock

Andy Muir


Kittson SWCD

Brach Svoboda

Skagen Twp

Rural Citizen

Harold Moose

Svea Twp

Svea Township

John Gaukerud

Stokes Twp

Roseau SWCD

Ed Walsh

Stokes Twp

Rural Citizen

Murray Jacobson

Dewey Twp

Rural Citizen

Shayne Isane

Nereson Twp

Rural Citizen

Jim Rinde


Mayor - City of Badger

Brenda Sather


City of Greenbush

Roger Green

Polonia Twp

Friends of Lake Bronson State Park

Justin Osowski

Red River Twp

Rural Citizen

Justin Dagen

Springbrook Twp

Rural Citizen

Kurt Aakre

Springbrook Twp

Rural Citizen

Jon Vold

Granville & Clow Twp

Rural Citizen

Corey Younggren

Hallock & Hill Twp


Jason Sobolik

Teien Twp


Brett Dahl




Technical Advisory Committee

  Keith Klegstad   Kittson County Kittson Co. Hwy Dept.
  Daryl Dahl    Roseau County Roseau Co. Hwy Dept.
  Jamie Osowski Kittson County Kittson SWCD
  Jonathon Erckes NW MN Nature Conservancy
  Jim Schwab Kittson County NRCS
  Danielle Kvasager NW MN MPCA
  Matt Fischer NW MN BWSR
  Matthew Skoog  NW MN DNR-Fisheries
  Kyle Arola   Nereson WMA DNR-Wildlife
  Stephanie Klamm NW MN DNR-Waters
  Lane Nordin Kittson County Kittson Co. Zoning
  Janine Lovold Roseau County Roseau SWCD
  Danni Halvorson NW MN International Water Institute
  Scot Olson  Kittson County Kittson Emergency Management
  Nate Dalager Red River Valley HDR Engineering
  Blake Carlson Red River Valley Widseth, Smith, & Nolting