North Branch Two Rivers The North Branch Two Rivers upstream of the City of Lancaster, MN
Middle Branch Two Rivers The Middle Branch Two Rivers east of the city of Hallock.
South Branch Two Rivers The South Branch Two Rivers meandering on its way from Lake Bronson to Hallock.

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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on February 29, 2024, at 11:00 o’clock a.m. in the Two Rivers Watershed District Office of the Kittson County Courthouse in Hallock, Minnesota, a public hearing will be held in regard to a pending action of the Board of Managers of the Two Rivers Watershed District regarding the redetermination of benefits of Roseau County Ditch #4 located in Roseau County, Minnesota. The full meeting announcement can be found here.

Regular Monthly Meetings

The Board of Managers meets the first Thursday of each month in the District office in Hallock, MN beginning at 8:00 a.m. Special meetings are held from time to time at the discretion of the Board. Advisory meetings are held at least once per year as required by law and otherwise as determined by the Board. All meetings are properly posted as required by law. The official public notice for upcoming meetings can be found here.


About the Two Rivers Watershed

"It is the stated mission of the Board of Managers of the Two Rivers Watershed District to carry out all facets of the Minnesota Watershed Act as set forth in Minnesota Statute, Chapter 103D. It is the District's further mission to carry forth all activities and powers given under the Minnesota Drainage Code in Minnesota Statute, Chapter 103E. In carrying out its mission, the District will encourage the wise use of the water natural resources within its boundaries and promote the general health and welfare of the citizens residing there."

The Two Rivers Watershed District was established as the second watershed district in the State of Minnesota on October 30, 1957 by order of the Minnesota Water Resources Board.  Thereafter, in accordance with Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 112, the Minnesota Watershed Act, the Board of Managers adopted an Overall Plan for projects and improvements for reclamation, drainage, erosion and flood control, and improvement of lands, soils, waters, forest, wildlife, and projects therein.  The Minnesota Water Resources Board prescribed the Overall Plan on November 14, 1958, and was the first Overall Plan of a watershed district in the State of Minnesota prescribed under Minnesota Statute.  This Overall Plan was subsequently revised on November 27, 1970 and this current revision is the second revision to the original plan.